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Pretend I made cartoons

2012-06-26 20:29:28 by mrnihil

and if I did, is who we'd get all our music from, ever.

then I'd slit my wrists.
the right way.
while rubbing pictures
of fair
za ba;l


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Liquid Loop

2012-03-28 00:19:32 by mrnihil

If you like stories and action and romance and character development and

Liquid Loop

Thanks to the redesign

2012-02-08 18:34:03 by mrnihil

I either have to release 4, or a multiple of 4, cartoons a year so that the "view all movies" page looks balanced.

Thanks to the redesign

Loop: Cheese Dream

2012-02-02 20:16:51 by mrnihil

Oh, right, we have a loop for January. Our mission was to eat a whole bunch of "cheese," and if we "survived," we would "animate" what we "saw."

So, we made this:

And "that's" how the zebra "got" it's humps"."

Loop: Cheese Dream

Loop: Down the Rabbit Hole

2011-09-28 23:27:22 by mrnihil

We made some kind of loop, and didn't even bother Cebster with new music, because he already has music that works. He gets things done way ahead of time, I get things done at the 11th hour. This a is .org of the loopdeloop by TheBoogley friends and, x5, still going and this did, so here it is what we made, man about hole visits rabbit and.

Loop: Down the Rabbit Hole

Then this happened

2011-08-31 20:47:33 by mrnihil

It's TEIM 4 a LOP again! I put this loop off for a while, even though everyone said "stop putting this loop off." Eventually I did, and this happened, but Mrs. Rat didn't get to mess with the audio like she wanted to. And then we all took our socks off, and Reginald wrote a poem about it.

Then this happened

Potato Baby Loop

2011-07-29 16:15:19 by mrnihil

The Boogley still has me under his spell. We made this loop about a potato baby, something we have much experience with. A 30 second loop. Triangulates with Baltimore. A-A-B-D-A.

Based on a comic I did at a past point. You can find it at if you feel you need to.

Music taken from here: /173340

Potato Baby Loop


2011-07-03 22:47:40 by mrnihil

I just got this PM from Newgrounds user Nuckel, who is serious business!

You might think it would be a rather smart move to question my knowledge of sexual idioms after recieving a neutral and serious review but I warn you that behaviors like this could quickly end in a free flight off NG. Also, when I see you connect said idiom to yin-yang I doubt you are capable of searching the deeper means of the yin-yang-concept (that's how you spell it correctly by the way). I see my oppinion as approved.

good day

What should I do guys!?? I don't want to get banned of Newgrounds! :'(

You can read Nuckel's insightful review here!!!


Birds and Bee

2011-07-03 18:48:36 by mrnihil

Oh, right, I put a new loop up:

The Birds and the Bee

Cebster did the much- the full piece is here: A Nice Place to Call Hell

I've also been working on this: Nihil and Rat

Lops and cartons

2011-06-18 19:52:24 by mrnihil

TheBoogley has forced me into loop slave labor, so that's where I am. Other than that, I'm trying to find the courage to be a woman in a man's world. I've started collecting penises and making them into necklaces, which I will be selling them on Etsy. This stems from Mrs. Rat telling me I don't know what it's like to be a woman. Every month, you get free blood- it's like your body making it's own food for 4 days, plus you have to make things to sell on Etsy. Being a woman isn't all that bad, so what I've learned is that I don't know why women complain- you get free blood and penis necklace and monies from Etsy. Everyone should want to be a women.