metal gear hentai

2009-07-04 23:46:22 by mrnihil

remembre a year ago when we did that carton, meddal gaer solid lif alurm? 10 or 12 of u saw it, it had front paeg 4 2 or 3 days. about a year ago i ment to maek like walepappers for ur desktop machins and i frogit, did any1 want a MGS lyfe alrsam walpaper an if so wut seen did u want?

nihl amd raet dot com other has aslo walpappers u don't caer about but we need feednack 2 maek coll walpapper u kids care about today so fill out are survies and let us no wht U want two see!

sum otther walpapre craps

we aslo want to make 1500 seekuels tom pyranid haeds numer one fanb so i haeop u like viddyo gaems paradies!!!1 and some fuckin MGS hentai!!!

metal gear hentai


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2009-07-04 23:56:42

That freakish style looks awfully familiar...

mrnihil responds:

yeah? i bet i ripped someone off.


2009-07-04 23:57:45

Aaah Rugrats!

mrnihil responds:

eh, i guess if you had to compare it to something i knew...


2009-07-05 00:01:02


mrnihil responds:

dood so what his mom's hot


2009-07-05 00:05:46

learn how to write

mrnihil responds:

fuk u ist teh fuknig intrenet just look at some boob and shutup


2009-07-05 00:09:05

technically, as a clone, he's already sort of done his mom.


2009-07-05 00:10:52

leren hoaw too wtrie

mrnihil responds:

lrene houi 2 rit


2009-07-05 00:28:12

I guess I won't be needing tube8 tonight. X)~

mrnihil responds:

sexxxy tit and some melty faced old man fuckkking h0t


2009-07-05 01:26:52


mrnihil responds:

dip ur wick in sum big mama tit


2009-07-05 01:58:15

Shut up!Umless you talk right!SHUT.UP!

mrnihil responds:

umless i talk right...

are you sure?


2009-07-05 02:05:59

Nice picture, kind of creepy art work but unique? Other then that, everyone on the internet needs to learn how to write, besides, half the people telling you to learn to write managed to fuck up their own spelling/grammar. Either way, keep making unique art.

mrnihil responds:

ironically, you wrote "other then that."

but thanks. i'll do some Naruto Silent Hill slash fiction next, set in a steampunk universe where people use semen as currency.


2009-07-05 03:22:09

i fuckin lol'd so hard
also the people who didnt get it in the comics

also thats the most hilarious drawing of cleavage ever

mrnihil responds:

high praise, indeed.

i imagined animating it, with her tit smacking around like a flapjack... but i didn't want to over-milk it.


2009-07-05 03:41:42

The writing style is obviously on purpose, he can use proper grammar as seen by one of his replies to the comments. I think he's either mocking illiterate members or trying to make it easier for them to understand. Either way, he's still making fun of them, which is funny.

The art itself is.... rather queer, yet unique as said by another person, albeit its freakish nature. I feel a bit of familiarity with the style. I dunno where I've seen it before, though. Maybe Johnny Utah? I don't really know, nor do I really care where he might have gotten the art style from.

mrnihil responds:

maybe you saw it in other cartoons i've done? i was in the MGS Collab and the SF Collab. even with different character designs, there's a semblance of personal style.


2009-07-05 05:51:59



2009-07-05 07:51:31

That's more like metal gear FAIL!

mrnihil responds:

you can't fail when you're fucking a super spy.


2009-07-05 10:27:09


do ho ho ho ho

what an appropriate pun

mrnihil responds:

puns are one of my favourite things.


2009-07-05 10:52:36


mrnihil responds:

a sound with two uses in this situation...


2009-07-05 11:16:40

learn to spell.

mrnihil responds:

teh imernits a fre counrty u faeg


2009-07-05 13:40:53

I hope you don't think I was being critical. I think it's great! I watched the one you have here. The art is the best part of the flash!

mrnihil responds:

i don't.



2009-07-05 13:43:00

Also the more "newgrounds" complains the more you know you are doing something right. They always cry when things stand out and aren't what they are used to. Hahahaaa

mrnihil responds:

that's usually the case, yeah. not enough anime or game parodies, too many 12 year olds with important opinions built on years of worldly experience.


2009-07-06 19:02:38

I can do snakes O-voices if you want... :)

Also I Have the day off tomorrow and Probably going to be waiting on my car to get serviced so expect some voice clips in the mail by the end of the day. :D

P.S.: "Umless" things get sketchy, I plan on sending you some sample animations later this week as well to get an opinion on them, I've had computer problems (in other words they ate 2 whole weeks of progress >.<) and could use some critiques on my Flash for halloween

mrnihil responds:

yeah, maybe we should get in touch with zone-sama about this. i'd probably have to find a new voice for Big Mama, but i'm sure we could.

umless you don't have time tomorrow, i'll be looking forward to that email. i'm still trying to figure out how i want the whole thing to look. the audio will probably help with that.

send away. it'll occupy my mind and keep me from wondering what else i can turn into hentai. (o_O);;